Crane KS4361Crane KS-4361
The biggest load, kg: on support 16000, without support 9000, when traveling with a load according to the characteristics of the cargo. Engine power, kW 6,1 +3,7.
Hook height, m: with the main boom 10 boom with full equipment 25.
The frequency of rotation of the rotating part, revolutions/minute 0,4-2,7.
Travel speed, km/h: no load on the hook 18 with the load on the hook - 3. Minimum turning radius, m 12,1.
Overall dimensions in transport position, mm length 14500 width 3150 height 3900 Weight, kg 23000.

Liebherr 922Excavator LIEBHERR 922
Operating weight: 26170 - 28340 kg.
Engine power: 127 kW.
Volume backhoe by: 0,30 - 1,40. Capacity of the grab: 0,17 - 2,00.
Specific ground pressure of 0.5 kg/cm2.
Overall dimensions in transport position, mm 9800 x 3000 x 3400.
Travel speed, km/h: 5.2. Fuel tank capacity, l 360.

Truck, dual-use, off-road, with the wheel formula 6x6.
Capacity 6000 kg.
Length 3890 mm cargo platform. Width 2330 mm cargo platform.
Turning circle 23.2 m.
The maximum speed of 85 km/h.
Tank capacity 287 +60 l.

ТТ-4TRACKED Skidder ТТ-4
It is intended for export timber loading and unloading, for working with a variety of mounted and trailed logging, forestry and road-building machines.
Power diesel engine, kW (HP) 95.5. Traction force kN 116,1-15,6.
The maximum angle of ascent, which can overcome the tractor, rad (deg) 0,44.
The maximum height of the obstacle, m 0.6.
The maximum depth to overcome ford 0.8 m.

ТDТ-55TRACKED Skidder ТDТ-55
Designed for entry and stacking of medium and large forests.
Adapted for tough forest conditions.
Rated tractive force, kgf 3000.
Overall dimensions (length, width, height), mm 5800х2357х2560.

Tower cranes KB-308Tower cranes KB-308
It is a tower crane Raked third size group, equipped with a beam-type boom moving on her trolley.
Carrying capacity from 3.2 tons to 8 tons at a radius of 4.5 m to 25 m.
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Tower cranes KB-403Tower cranes KB-403
Cranes on the rail web, a rotating turret and a variable height of the boom girder intended for the construction of residential, industrial, administrative buildings up to 16 floors and ground-mounted components up to 8 tons.
The crane belongs to the fourth dimension group of tower cranes and crane uses common with this group of basic units.
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