– general contractor;

– subcontractor functions;

– technical supervision;

– advisory services;

– installation of facades;

– insulation and decoration of facades;

– ventilation facades.



– before the design stage;
– collection of baseline data;
– architectural idea of the project, 3D visualization;
– development of conceptual design;
– development stage "P";
– разработка стадии "R";
– architectural and construction design;
– development of special sections of the project;
– technological solutions;
– examination of project documentation;
– advisory services.

Design of engineering systems:
– ventilation and air conditioning;
– heating and water supply;
– power supply;
– low power network;
– sewerage.


Machine plaster

– High speed of work and the possibility of applying the plaster layer 5-40mm in one pass;

– The possibility of obtaining a perfectly flat surface;

– Gypsum is environmentally friendly, in line with European standards of quality;

Tel.(093)767-64-18, (096)161-16-51.


Rent your own ad:
– Crane KB-308 2pcs.;
– Crane on the pneumatic KS-4361A 1pcs.;
– Crane KB-403 1pcs.
– Excavator Liebherr 922.

Forestry and export of timber from the mountains and marshlands:
– Ural 4320 2pcs.;
– Tractors timber TT-55; TT-4.

Manufacture, delivery and assembly of plastic products.