List of documents

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №193 of February 29, the procedure for providing citizens with affordable housing.

To provide state support for the citizens served in RU/D and the following documents of the Fund:
  • The application for the provision of state support;
  • Help stay on the housing register citizens in need of better housing conditions;

  • Passport data of adult family members (the original passport of citizen of Ukraine wife / husband, a copy of the page containing the last photo, name, date of issue and issuing authority, registration information and the presence of children, copies of the pages with the registration or divorce) - 2;

  • The birth certificate of the minor children - 2;

  • Help with the employer about his position; indicating the duration of works on office and certificate of employment of adult family members in the form №3 on the fixed amount of income for the last 6 months (if necessary, may require the income statement) and a note "for the last 6 months of delay in payment of wages are no" (required if the transaction amount is equal to or more than 400 thousand UAH.). - 2;

  • Copy of the certificate of tax service of identification code - 2;
  • Certificate of family composition form №3, or an extract from the house register - 2.

The list of documents required for registration in the housing lists:
  • Statement (to be filled in the department of accounting and distribution of housing).
  • Proof of residence of the family composition form №3 (pasportistami help is provided in the housing in the community).
  • Certificate of employment (studying) of all adult family members who are on the housing register (children 18 years and older inclusive).
  • Help from the BTI to participate in the privatization and the existence of real estate owned in equal on all family members who are on the housing register.
  • Copies of passports, copies of birth certificates, copies of identification numbers for all household members who are on the housing register.
  • Cardboard folder.
  • Housing conditions of the applicant's survey Act (survey carried out by the applicant's place of work).